Random Assortment of Pictures

I’m quite new to GMod 10’s way of posing, considering I haven’t posed anything since GMod 8, I thought these turned out pretty good. I’m currently looking into blood tutorials and scenery effects, these pics are mostly me just messing around with Color Mod. [sp]-Try to ignore the grey box in the upper left-hand corner.-[/sp]

Nick being all smug and stuff.


Body Duty Again




Just beyond reach


POV of Dying Rebel




Constructive Criticism (on the posing) please.


Yes, I do like red tints. And sharpness.

you also seem to love the overlay thing that makes the lines darker or whatever (forgot what it was called)

Sharpened much?

Dont use sharpen

Don’t use sharpen, it only makes your picture look worse. And use Super DoF rather than Simple DoF. It looks much better.

And avoid camera angles that place your subject right in the middle of the screen. It doesn’t look good. Keep them more like your last picture, where the subject is more to the side.

Bonus pick looks nice

Sharpen is not good. Color mod could use a bit of fine tuning and it needs better lighting.

Posing is great, especially the bonus.

Yeah, I forgot sharpened was on for most of the pics. I wanted to only use sharpen on the bonus pic. Thanks for the C&C, guess I wont be using sharpened again :v:. What I wanted really C&C on though was the posing; considering I haven’t posed for some time.

Sadly, GMod crashed shortly after I took these screenshots.

Some more test poses using Colour Mod and Super DOF.



like the combine with the axe, even though i dont why he would be holding a axe

Woah red muzzleflash

Too much dof, in the first picture everything but the middle guy is out of focus, and the second picture also very out of focus and too red.

Not if you’re clever… :smug:

But seriously he’s right - never use the in-game sharpen and never use it in Photoshop unless you know what you’re doing with it.