Random chatbox I found on pastebin?

Hey i just searching around for some chatboxes and I cam around this on pastebin:

It’s a custom chatbox or something so i downloaded it and put it in autorun, and it WORKED
I wish i could import a pic but im kind of new to facepunch studios

Anyway let me get to the point,
How do i add icons like Jchat dose?
How do i add sounds when you enter a message?
How do you make tags like quickhuds chatbox had? (the ones that flash)
Please answer me i tried to learn lua and its harder than being constipated!

Explain how you tried.

If you think lua is hard, you should take a look at a real programming language. I’m not saying lua isn’t incredibly powerful, but take a look a low end coding and you will really appreciate people who code a lot more.

  1. Lua is not hard, it’s pretty much C/++ with the tricky bits taken out, and unlike C, you can look at a random script from any addon, and it WILL make sense, because everything is hooked into the dll, you don’t need to make up a new function for something something simple because Garry gave it a logical name: eg the con command system.

  2. Dufuq he get banned already?