Random civvie randomly shot in the head with a .50 cal

Edit by bliblix, Other simple stuff by Me, psoing by me

Anyone else who wants to edit it, heres the original

Thanks Blib.

Dis is an incredible piece of art.

if it was a fifty cal it would be more like his whole body split in two.

How did you do the blood?
That picture is badass!

Ask Blibly, I didnt edit the gore in, but yeah, he did a amazing job on it

Can see where the blood was erased.

Not so realistic, and the blood looks, okay.

Brush work, lot of blending and FX tweaking and blended skull pictures.

Hmm I guess it was made with photoshop :l


His head should be jello.
After all it IS a .50

Nice picture. But why is there a dutch flag?

That’s a Russian Federation flag, and he shouldn’t have a head.

A 50 caliber bullet is larger than the average thumb, it would make his head explode.
Have you played COD 4? There is a mission where you snipe a guy with a 50. cal and his whole arm is blown off.

Excuse me. The Russian Flag uses the same colors and pattern.

God, we know about that, quit bitching.
Oh well, made an edit so now it looks like a .50 Cal bullet :


dude you messed it up your edit sucks the guy who made it’s edit is way better

ever heard of the word “sarcasm”?



Bleh, bad edit awaaaayyy


Headshotter/Bliblix IS the original editor.

no Resistance777 is