Random Clip of Death

Made something pretty random out of pure boredom in the middle of the night.

Not much criticism expected but meh, I was bored.

Fun Fact: The pistol sound was from the Daewoo pistol in Kermite’s weapon pack.
Fun Fact 2: No, its not me singing.


Omg, no comments for half an hour. What is this place, a graveyard?

At least I got 1 artistic :v:

I lol’d at the guy singing. Rated funny

There’s nothing to live for when there’s no radio?
So sad

I hear that some finnish guy sings Simple Plans - Untitled. :smiley:

Or maybe he turned off the radio and killed himself because the singing was so terrible. The story doesn’t tell, I guess we’ll never know.

How symbolic, it leaves the viewer up to his own imagination. A fantastically made machinima.

Fun Fact #3: It’s me singing.

Okay, that explains the suicide