Random Colors Everywhere

Frequently as I play Gmod, I have experienced seeing all these weird colors on the screen. No, not from shrooms. My guess is an error of some sort.
The colors mostly appear in the top right corner, covering half the screen diagonally. They flicker when they move and especially appear when I open the spawn/context menus.
Halp pls.

Could you post a screenshot?

Although even from your description it sounds like a graphics card issue. Post your system specs too.

I know what it looks like it’s a line going straight from the upper right corner to the left and starts flashing colors depending on how you move right. If that is it it may be the sun beams (or what ever it’s called) in post proccesing in the menu’s options

That used to happen to me too. It’s because your computer just can’t sipport Gmod. The only way to fix it is to get a more powerful computer, like I did.

Here are some pics of it being all stupid.

Here’s my computer specs. I guess I do just need a better computer :c

Yeah it’s what I thought it was sadly I can’t remember how to fix it

Dang yo. Well at least you know what I’m talking about.

Stop running XP and tell me what your Graphics card is.

Indeed, it’s most likely due to your graphics card being below spec.

I had this, you need a new graphics card

I got a new computer because I am that cool.


FYI its trying to tell you your graphics card is going to explode

Get AT LEAST 1 gig of ram, update your graphics drivers…

or get a better PC, because all those specs are below requirements for Gmod.

I’d say update that 510MB ram to two sticks of 1 or 2GB, get a better graphics card (geforce 8800+) and try then.

Alright, thanks guys. I guess the bottom line is a new graphics card.
Also, what’s wrong with XP? :frowning: