Random crash while playing Rust

Im using fx 8350+ vga r9 380 4 gb, mobo asus crosshair v formula z, 650w psu seasonic. since last week i cant play rust. it keep me crases randomly while playing ( 5 min, 30 min… etc ). Some1 know why this issue? how to fix it ?

all advise welcome.

(User was banned for this post ("All caps/spammy title" - Starpluck))

Am using the same gpu and have no problems but I read that a couple other players have problems.
Driver version 16.3.2 here.
Max temp I get while playing rust is 65 degree. I also capped rust to 70 fps, dunno if this makes a difference.

Known issues with 16.4.1 (beta driver):

Let me know if you are interested in my afterburner custom fan values.

sure man, what your custom fan values?

The ban reason makes no sense o.O.

Try rerolling your drivers to 16.3.2 first.

Do you think, it could be possible, that I edited the title?

It could be your power supply I had that problem once but it shut off. Is it only crashing or is it turning off?