Random crashes and material lagg.

Anyone ever got random crashes where no error bars popup? Or annoyingly you get a giant laggspike following a material glitch where everything has different textures on. Anyone know how to fix this? I got it 5 times today. I’m not sure what causes it because I never really used to get it.

I have been getting it ALOT lately.
Non-stop :/, Got it before format, after format. fresh install of GMOD, and V-Card drivers.

happend again -_-

That is your graphics card overheating. Clean your pc out. You may need a new graphics card.

Lol, my old pc’s 8800GTS did that hah, all the fucking time too.

Ugh… One problem. It happend on my old one 8800GS and my even older one 7900GS. I don’t understand why I get it so many times lately. I havent touched it for some months now (my current one is 9800GX2. Had it for some months now). It’s just these few days that i got alot of material glitches lately.


It’s everywhere.