Random Crashes (Oh boy, another one...)

Well, as the title states, Gmod is randomly crashing to my desktop, sometimes without any error message. I can sometimes get through entire play sessions without any such problem, but other times I can’t play for more than 5 minutes before it happens. It doesn’t matter whether I’m in single player or multiplayer, but it seems to happen more often in sandbox.

I have a lot of addons (50ish), most of them for Gmod Tower, if that means anything.

Here’s my most recent crash dump:

I’ve already tried validating, and I think it may have helped a little, but the problem still exists nonetheless. Help will be greatly appreciated.

If no one can help, could someone direct me to a thread that has already solved an issue like this?

Is your issue, like, the game will freeze for a second and sometimes sound loop before crashing?

'cuz a few people’re randomly crashing on my server, but not everyone, so we’re trying to work out if it’s a gmod issue or addon.

Yes, that’s pretty much my issue. It might also help to point out that I don’t have the best computer in the world, and I have to use a special High FPS config. I’m not sure if that might have an effect.