Random crashes on ANY multiplayer servers.

Hello folks,

I haven’t played Gmod for a long time, aprox 4~6 months, on any server (Sandbox, Rp, TTT or whatever). I just have used the game for create small ‘arts’ using ragdolls and stuff, nothing wrong and no crashes while creating my things in single mode.
But when i wanted to go back playing Gmod with my friends on some RP server, i have recently getting ‘hl2.exe error’ problem/crash when i’m just about to spawn. Or sometimes when i successfully join in the server and started to walk around i get the error anyways.
So my first try to fix this was ‘Verify Cache’ of the game - no results. Though was some addon i was using, i unsub all of them, tried to play - nothing changed. My last try was reinstalling the whole game, fresh start, joined in the server and boom : crash again.
I made a good research around the web/forums and tried other ‘fixes’ too : ‘Firewall’, Ant Virus, even deleting the Steam files/folders (not the steamapps and Steam.exe). Got no results too. My drivers is all up-to-date.
Edit: I even joined one RP server without custom files(models and materials stuff) just saw all things as ‘missing texture’, i could walk around a bit but randomly, game crashes again.

I even uninsulated all Valve games (Just CSS and HL2 series) and installed them back to see if was some file making my gmod crash - even this keep crashin on ANY online server.

And then i’m here asking for a Plan ‘G’ for you folks: what i need to do now? The weird thing is that, when i play in single mode for a while and successfully ‘quit’ from the game, i keep getting those mdmp files , but the game doens’t crash. But when i’m joining in a online server and crashs, i got no mdmp file from it. Very odd.

Here the links for the most recently mdmp files: Download link 1 or this one.
Or Download Link 2 or this one.

Some info:
Windows 7 Ultimate 64b
AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
AMD FX 4300 Quad-Core Processor 3.80 GHz

I hope someone could help me with this annoying issue. Thanks!


Ok played a long time in a single mode but opened a local server for 4 players and ran normally. So i joined in a ‘TTT’ server, played for 11 minutes wihtout crashing but then, games crashed again.
Tried to join again, and got a crash before joining but at least got a ‘mdmp’ file !

Sounds like it’s probably a Windows/driver issue. Do you have problems with any other Source games like CSS or TF2?

No problems with other Valve/Source games. I have the ‘Valve Pack’ and none of them ‘crashed’ for me on this computer.

Just taking a shot in the dark, but have you tried joining without the content addon?

Mhmm, tried a fresh join in a ‘TTT’ server without custom files/addons, just the map downloaded, i could play around a bit, but after 10 minutes or 15, crash.
But as i said above too, i tried open a local server with 4 slots in a HL2 map, could play around for more time (20min aprox) but then again, crash. EVEN in Single-Mode now.
I’m completely lost and confused now asking for any help: my Garry’s Mod is really fucked up.

Edit: I’ll give a shot on a DarkRp server.

Try updating GPU drivers, removing ANYTHING custom, and verifying game cache. If that doesn’t work then… try reinstalling maybe?

I did all of that stuff. Nothing changed.

Try the dev branch maybe? Right click gmod in Steam > Properties > Betas and opt into dev branch. See if that does anything.

Dev branch wouldn’t work since the dev version and normal server version have different class tables.

Going to join in Steam Client Beta for another try.

Edit: No changes…

Tried launch with -dxlevel 70 80 85 too, still crashing.

All i can do now is wait for a Gmod update at least.

Don’t mess with dxlevel; you should only use 95.

Oh ok, didn’t know that. Thanks!

Also if you keep -dxlevel in, the graphics settings will reset each time you start the game. Not really sure why it’s crashing though, sometimes the HTML renderer for loading screens will crash the game, to fix that all I can recommend is you use the latest version of Internet Explorer (although I’m not sure if the renderer uses IE anymore), sometimes Lua is the issue but you tried clearing addons. If you can clear the cached/downloaded lua files from the server you should try that.

Oh cool! Could you explain me where specific do i have to go/do ?

Delete GarrysMod\garrysmod\cache

Okay, i could play on a TTT server, changed the map, played some rounds and no crashes! Thank god !!!
Thank you Code and Djjkxbox360! A lot!! :slight_smile:

Much appreciated.

Ahw shit, bad news: still making random crashes. I give up, really. Just waiting for an update.

Sorry I couldn’t help, you seem to have a rare issue. If an update doesn’t fix it you might be best reinstalling Windows, since I really don’t know what’s causing it and that will ensure everything is reset and cleared out