Random crashes while playing

System hardware specs

  • AMD Opteron Dual Core 165. 1.8 GHz stock.
  • 2 GB RAM
  • NVidia 6600, 7600, 9800.
  • Windows XP and XUbuntu.

Addons installed (by downloading, not SVN):
-Zombie Survival stuff

-Folders in Steam/steamapps/<username>/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/:
–Amraam Addon/
-Other misc stuff downloaded from servers.

mdmp files:

This contains older dumps, while I was running Windows XP, had a NVidia 6600, 7600, and maybe the 9800. Looks like these date back to 2007.

This contains dumps from today. With the most up to date garrysmod 10, XUbuntu, Wine, and an NVidia 9800. These are ran from within Wine, so any directories inside the minidump may look unfamiliar to you.
(All these dumps were obtained from: Steam/steamapps/<username>/garrysmod)

I suppose the problem might be scripting errors related to Zombie Survival, or whatever other add ons. I do know it isn’t just playing under Zombie Survival that crashes, I’ve played under other servers that crash in the same way. I don’t think crashing this much is anywhere close to normal… averages 1 crash every 30-45 minutes.

Garrysmod crashes randomly while I am playing a game (I can’t think of a trigger). The game will lock up for 3-8 seconds, then garrysmod disappears and I see my desktop. I don’t see the executable in the task list at this point. I do recall when I ran garrysmod 10 under Windows XP, a dialog box came up after garrysmod crashed stating something along the lines of invalid memory being accessed. You know, “invalid access at 0x324ff34”. Something like this:
There were no BSODs with garrysmod (actually there may have been while I had that faulty Nvidia 6600).

Is there another way to figure out what is going wrong besides analyzing the mini dump files? If not, then is there a guide to analyzing these dumps that I can follow (similar to http://bill.atwill.com/docs/ )? The latest dump files may be have additional complexity in analysis since they were all resultant from garrysmod running from within wine, but in all likely hood I don’t think there should be a problem. The call stack should be very similar.

Is there somewhere I can obtain the debugging symbols (PDB files)? Or perhaps the source (not likely…)?

When I get a chance I’ll try to analyze this from within Visual Studio. Just wanted to know if I could get some good advice here. I’d appreciate it.


If you can’t access the zip files with the minidumps inside them, I apologize, that web hosting service is flaky sometimes. Just download the file you want from within here: