Random crashes

While i’m playing sometimes every hour or less my game crash, I play with 16GB Ram and a GPU of 4GB, any1 help me? ty

This has been happening to me too ever since the update last week, but not every hour. I’m playing Rust, the screen goes black for a few seconds, and I’m at my desktop.

i said sometimes, and yes is after the last update and no black screen, only crash and appear “game crash” and text

I randomly crash to the desktop as well. It’s been an on and off thing for me for a couple of months now. The frequency had dropped pretty signifcantly, but it started again with last week’s update.

I’m not even able to connect to a sever. It gets to the Loading Done stage, then black screen for a bit, then suddenly I’m back at desktop. Its been like this for two weeks now - havent been able to play rust at all…

Bumping this as i never had a problem like this with this game before, since last update with out warning the game would just crash to desktop/steam.

It dont even lag just boom it crashes not good in middle of raids etc so its now becoming unplayable and i see there is no one worth a pinch of salt replying here saying whats going on.

I also want to add my loading times from steam to game menu takes ages and i thought the last update sorted this lol.