Random Crashing for EVERYONE

Recently ever since the update people have been crashing from my server with the error: too many indices for index buffer. . tell a programmer (34470>32768)

Is anyone else receiving this problem? Also is it possible that the update is causing this problem instead of an addon? The only addons I’ve added since then were a custom HUD & Some script that plays sounds on the beginning of a round (which doesn’t seem to be causing it).

Have you disabled the hud? And disabled other addons?
Problem is probably a particle emitter that emits too much particles at once.

Which gamemode?

I’m finding some gamemodes have been considerably broken (AOT).

this issue has been around for a long time (crashing with no error message for no reason) and it is extremely annoying. sometimes i cant get in a server without it crashing, and sometimes when im in a server and doing something it throws me to the desktop. (the computer this happens on is windows xp, my windows 7 64bit hardly ever crashes)