Random Crashing

I keep crashing and i get this messege:

Garry’s Mod: hl2.exe - Applacation Error

X The instruction “0x11273334f” referanced memory at “0x0e890454”. The memory couold not be “read”.

     Click on OK to terminate the program


wtf this mean?

Gmod likes to crash… Just restart gmod and continue playing.

I do that but it keeps happening .

You can’t prevent it, it’s gmod’s fault not yours. though try updating your drivers.

No, it’s his fault for not having enough memory. Upgrade your pc.

How do i do that?

How do i “upgrade” my pc then?

Well I would try reinstalling Gmod, if that doesn’t work then try upgrading your drivers. If that doesn’t work, then I dunno what to tell you.

You need to buy new parts for it, or just more memory.

Wrong, memory errors arn’t caused by lack of RAM. The only fix is upgrading to Windows 7 (Vista reduces the frequancy of the crashes)

Well I have been playing gmod for over 7 years and I NEVER had this problem before.


NO I will not reinstall gmod again, I dont want to put al folders and that crap in new all over again.

Go onto NoXiousnet zombie survival, play three or four rounds. It will happen to you if you are on XP.

And also:

I call bullshit. Garrysmod was first released (V1) in December 04

y`know, Gmod is always updated, about 7 years ago we were on the first version and now we are on what? 68?. So, try re-installing, but back-up your files.

But how do I back-up them?
Simple. Copy all your Adddons,materials,model,whatever, to another folder. I dont care where is it. it must be outside steam. Then, copy from your back-up again to your gmod folder

But that doesn’t work!!!

Have even read the sticky that garry made?

I remember seeing a fix for this on Steam’s website. I would check it out.

Garrys mod 9 counts too. ok maybe 6 years, lost count : /

BTW I allready re-installed gmod like a week ago, cause i tryed fixing that problem.

Pfff… Garry’s mod (v1) came 5 years ago. And I honestly doubt you played it back then, since it just was a rope-tool and a super gravity gun.

And Garry’s mod 9 came when? 2006? So 3 years, then. One hell of a difference between “over” 7 years and 3 years.

OK maybe 3 years, D: i lost count I just have been playing it to much.

Your problem sounds like http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=787950 maybe you should upgrade to vista or 7…

Thats exacly the error i get, but i live in germany so, ill buy Windows 7 next year. Cause most bugs will be removed and the price is lower. Is there no other way?

And again sorry for any miss spelling, i only lived in the US for 5 years : / thx.

You can get Windows 7 for free by downloading the release candidate. It has a few small bugs, but well worth it since… uh… it’s free.