random css posing





Posing is okay.
I dont like it cause theres no editing.
Get an editing software and improve your posing

I like them. The posing’s more than OK IMO, but the kneel is a bit too “perfect”, the same guy’s holding the gun really weirdly (believe me, you want to use the front hand for the front grip, even with supports), and the knees in the last picture aren’t bent enough to justify the gun staying on his lap, or at least they don’t look so.

I don’t think editing is a 100% necessary, especially since a lot of the time it’s just filter-rape and misplaced muzzleflashes, but it can make a mediocre screenie stand out, do things that just can’t be done without (like missing heads, bones showing from wounds, more realistic blood, stuff like that)… but you probably knew that.

You might have them on full already, but just to be safe, I’d advice you to turn all the graphics options on full at least for screenshots. You can turn them down for posing though, if it lags, and you’ll probably just have to turn them down for actually playing the game.

What are the white dots/blobs? snow in the desert, and indoors?

As a whole, though, I like these. Like the guy holding both an SMG and a knife, it’s exactly what screenshots in Gmod should be about, doing stuff that can’t be done in the game (CSS, in this case)

I don’t know how do i edit, i have adobe photoshop but i’m limited to can do the dof


I tryed one time but it’s really ugly :s

Props for the SAS firing the Sr-25. Firing it with two hands on the pistol grip and the weapon’s not shouldered for the recoil. That’s mad skills.


The posing on the terrorist in the first screenshot could be a bit better, the legs and hips are a bit odd. In the second screenshot, it’d be a bit better if he didn’t have both hands on the grip, instead holding it normally, with his other hand on the front grip. The fourth picture, the terrorists legs should be bent a little more, so it’d actually justify the gun resting on his lap. Otherwise, these are pretty good. Good posing, and excellent finger posing.

2nd picture looks really bad, but i dont blame you, i could never make a decent crouching pose, at least make him lean forward, his shoulder should be where the stock is. Also find better effects for muzzle flashes and watch out for clipping issues, the ct in the 1st picture has his grip going through his had, and also tuck in that 1st t’s butt.

The first one is the best

posing is okay
but needs editing
you need editing software like:


I know but i’m not pro of edit