Random Cuteness Contest Reduxed and Reworked! (aka V3)

Hey everyone! Seeing as to how the “ragdoll posing” section seems to have gone the way of the dodo, I’m posting this here! So here goes!

No entries from the last contest will be accepted!

Other rules:

  1. Photoshop is OK, just post the original too.
  2. Please, no more than 3 entries per person.
  3. No sexposes!
  4. Don’t be crude.


What we will be judging on:

  1. Pose
  2. Cuteness factor (scale of 1-10)
  3. Skill of edit if any
  4. Captions count as ORIGINAL photo due to the fact that you can have captions on a non-filtered pic just as easily as on a filtered one.

Same goes for just throwing a border around it or something.

  1. SHEF is fine, just remember to post the original too!

1) Me
2) DMGania
3) Necrotic Fever

Runs until: July 15, 2009



In other words, girls, get ChaosLord wet and you win.

Enjoy the competition! ^^

Cute doesn’t mean sexual…

An example from the last contest.

I am looking forward to some cute and heartwarming entries.

Where’s Mr.Zoomer?

sounds like fun, I’ll give it a go.

Did I mention that this contest has started? No? IT STARTED THE MOMENT THIS THREAD WAS POSTED. NOW GO GET CUTE!

Why fail? Why no entries? Come on people!

So someone came up with some stupid meme about competitions, so now every single new competition just HAS to be a spam post. There’s absolutely NO CHANCE that this could be a legitimate competition. Nope. Not a chance in hell.

You people suck.

Wait a moment little boy.You havne’t got patient.
I know is 3 days ago but people need time…

You need to go find the last one lol…I had six entries in the first ten minutes!

Who came up with the stupid meme about contests/competitions? I hope that’s not directed at what I try and present to people, as I’m currently offering up multiple topics that (hopefully) force people to think outside the box.

I am however, thinking about tossing in a contender piece for “cute”, but I’m a little lost on all the rules about originals/edited/and the like. Perhaps a more thorough set of examples could alleviate some of the confusion?

Ahhhh. Well, I’m covering for him while he’s banned (since he’s leaning over my shoulder, it shouldn’t be too hard).

What he meant is that if you edit a picture outside of GMOD, he’d like you to also post the original unedited straight-from-GMOD picture. Color mod, bloom, DOF, etc. are all ingame “edits” and count as part of the original.

Meh. He just pointed out to me that the first post is just an almost direct copy paste of the first post from V2 back when the SHEF filtering thing was all the rage. He says he’ll change that around a bit on Saturday (since he’s banned until like 3:00 AM Saturday morning).

I don’t know who came up with the idea that all contests are fake/made by trolls. All I do know is that it’s a pretty dumb idea.

I think I’ll give this contest a go. Who knows, maybe my work will actually look good for a change.

Yeah, since if it’s a competition, people just post there and someone will organize it anyway…

I’ll judge if that’s ok. But, if not, I will certainly enter.

EDIT: Nevermind, I just saw the PM thing. Gonna enter instead.

Go ahead and PM him, he’s only banned until tomorrow morning at like 4:00 AM.

Man, this is one of the (very) few times I’ve ever actually produced a screenshot that was obviously taken on gm_construct. O_o

And the appropriate song to go along with this image
*Unfortunately I’ve never tied a video via youtube to any of my posts, so I have no idea what the proper tag command is. :frowning: *


Haha! Nice one.

Y’know, I suppose I should tell Chaos to amend the first post. A border isn’t enough of an edit to require you to post the original. Thanks for following the rules to the letter though!

Well, you should check the original anyways, as there’s a lot of post production goin on there (it’s just stupidly subtle) :smiley: