Random Disconnecting after loading up a map (Singleplayer)

I don’t know if I should send this to Garry’s Mod Support or anything but I got a problem on my hands.

When I launched GMod, I wanted to play gm_supersizeroom. It finished loading suddenly and then it just drops me out of the server once it finishes loading, I though it was because the map was missing even though it stayed there so I tried and see if gm_construct_10 (from Construct History) worked, it didn’t either. I decided that if they didn’t work, I chose to try gm_construct (the official version) and then it did the same as the other maps, dropped me out of the server.

I have no clue what’s happening but this only happened since update 153 (The current update as of 08/12/2012).

Later at quarter-past ten, in London’s timezone, I try again with gm_construct without loading anything else and it drops me out of the server again. I don’t know if this is happening to me or if it’s happening to anyone else here but I really need help!
Thank you.

anything in your console?

This seems to be happening to all of us bro, I cleaned my GMod but it’s still happening, So it must have been something to do with the Latest update or something.

Nope, I only find "Player Dropped out of Server (Disconnect by User). Basically it thinks that I’ve disconnected myself even though I didn’t :confused: