Random Disconnects

Recently my server have been randomly disconnecting, where it says at the top right corner “auto-disconnect in X” then when I check my web console, I see that my server had auto restarted. I asked the support people in my hosting and they said it was due to a buggy addon that would cause a spike and auto restart the server. I have deleted a few addons but the server is still auto disconnecting.

I was wondering if any of you guys have experience this before and could point out what addons I should remove to fix this problem.
My Addons are:

Does an error occur before the crash? Do you have lua error logging enabled on the server? When did the issue start happening? What did you add prior to the start of the issue?

There are tons of things that could cause a server to crash (that is what is happening if you are being disconnected and the server restarts). You didn’t even tell us what gamemode you are running (judging by your addons DarkRP) but the fact that you have 69 addons for your server… yea… expect coding conflicts and crashes.

The safest (and unfortunately the longest) method of fixing this is to re-implement the addons chunk by chunk and when the server starts crashing again, investigate the last chunk of addons you added into your server.

No errors occur before the crash, it just does that “auto disconnect in X” thingy.
I dont have lua error logging enabled on the server.
The issue only started happening a couple weeks back.
I added new jobs and some new playermodels.

But do you think changing host would help me in anyway? im currently being hosted by wombat servers

Well it all depends on multiple factors. If its a network issue or an issue with the host’s node, then yes moving hosts may help. If its a coding conflict or something on your server then no it wont.

Enable lua logging and the next time it crashes, look to see if an error was created. Also upload a recent dump file so we can see if its something silly.

How would I enable my Lua logging? and where would I find the location of the logging?

lua_log_sv 1