Random dragon shot



Creds to Santz for edit on ^


Rofl. that fire does NOT look awesome.

Oh wow. Those are some nice pics you got there. Whats the maps you used?

a map from Age of chivalry
AoC_sorrow i belive.

and the bonus one is gm_flatgrass :smiley:

Very, very nice.

Shame about the horrible skybox. Resizing the picture seems like a cheap way to make it look better if you ask me. Nice work though.

A VERY cheap way. especially since I failed to get rid of that corner :3


(I didn’t notice it until you mentioned it)

…Ninja’d? And yes it does.

The edited in fire doesn’t. Fire isn’t red and it emits light. Unless this is magic dragon fire or something.



Made a lazyassfix for the fire (lol?) and tried to do something about the ugly ass skyboxcorrner

It looks better now :smiley:

Whoa, nice dragon pic, I like the atmosphere around, and I dont get to see much dragon pics around :3
Artistic for you!

And thanks for putting my image there as well :smiley: