Random Dumb ? - mark

Ok. So i have this code that adds skill when u kill an npc.

Is it possible to add a function which acts as a level system.

Like : if ply:GetNWInt( “shooting”, = 50 then )
ply:SetNWInt( “level”, + 1 )


Try search,


Holy shit, how can anyone code like that?

if ply:GetNWInt( “shooting”, = 50 then )
ply:SetNWInt( “level”, + 1 )

That has no real syntax at all, correct syntax should be more like:

if ply:GetNWInt( “shooting”) == 50 then
ply:SetNWInt( “level”, ply:GetNWInt(“level”) + 1 )

I think he just looked at some code and tried to fake it to make us do it…

No. I used mine.

And i asked if it was possible. Since im not good in this kind of stuff.

A pretty fully featured levelling up system is perfectly possible. If you like i’ll whizz off an example script when i get home (posting on mobile phone atm)

Ok. That would be great.

Add me on steam: Kuddie95
ps. nvm the age… xD Just, explain… and ill understand.


Not read the 2nd reply here?

Well he offered his help so… No.