Random Dupe Saving Problem

Hey everyone,

I just recently started having a problem saving my dupes. I am currently in the middle of making a really complex and detailed dupe but just to be safe I have been periodically saving it. I have saved the dupe about 3 times now and the fourth time I tried doing it, I smart-welded everything together like usual, right clicked with the duplicator tool and went to the q menu to save it, although when I clicked “save dupe” it went from colored to grayed out and didn’t show up when I refreshed my page of dupes. I know for sure that I copied the dupe right because after I copied it I could left click and it would paste the dupe. I have retried the saving process very carefully about 6 times over now and I am extremely confused as to why it just randomly stopped working. Am I just running out of “dupe space” or something? Do I need to just go and delete some dupes? The hard drive I have Garry’s Mod installed to have 120GB free so it definitely isn’t a disk space problem.

Any help is appreciated. I haven’t restarted the game yet because I will lose all of the additions I made to it if I did, but knowing my luck that will probably be my fix.


Dupes currently have an unintentional size limit of 64KB. It’s a bug. But fixing the bug causes anther more severe bug - crashing when generating an icon for a huge dupe. ( Lots of models )

I can send you a fix that you can apply to your (single player only) game, but you will risk crashing the entire game on save then.