Random EAC Ban

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Recently started playing Rust again (Downloaded 1.3gb’s of updates last night to play) I played for about 2 hours before I logged off. Today I logged on to join the server I was playing on and it says I am EAC banned. I checked all my emails to see if anyone had gotten into my account but it appears I have not been compromised. I really have no clue what to do.

The weird thing is even after it says EAC Ban I can attempt to join and it gets stuck on client ready. I have absolutely no bans on record and literally just started playing again last night.

Edit: Got my answer. Either my account is compromised or there is something on my PC which I do not know about which caused this. Anyways going to wipe PC and buy a new account. But if anyone has any other ideas feel free to share them because I am interested.

Try to join another server.

Already submit a ticket? Anyway gl.

I did and I get the same message.

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Just submitted a ticket. Thank you.

You know the bans are delayed right? If you used a hack yesterday the ban only happened later while you weren’t online.
Shit ton of EAC bans in the past couple of days, must be a hack that wasn’t detected before, finally made detectable.

The thing is I did not use a hack last night. I understand how bans work and I would not cheat in a game I have had since 2013.

Just found a proof of you cheating. You scum!

?. Also that episode was so good until the ending.

Homer is also Not Guilty.

good on you for helping, but if it’s an EAC ban, better to contact EAC.

Thank you to everyone who helped! I am not sure where to go next after receiving that email. I want to buy another account but I am worried it will happen again if something is in my PC. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know.

Dude, seriously now. If you cheated, just stop it. It is that simple.
Get a new account, format your computer and slap yourself in the face.

If you did not, contact EAC, and they will unban you in no time.

Bottom line is I did not cheat. I contacted EAC and they said it was for detection of a Kernel-Mode Hack. So I am assuming something is on my PC or my account was compromised. I will be formatting my PC and buying a new account without slapping myself. actually maybe I will slap myself for allowing something to happen to my account :slight_smile:

Sure it wasn’t a kernel-mode modification was detected?.. rootkits along with hacks can do stuff to the kernel… so either you need better protection on your pc or a better hack :wink:

The response email said Kernel-mode hack. I was actually thinking it may be a root-kit which caused it. I wiped my PC this morning and will be buying another account. Wish me luck!

Edit: I told them that it may have been a root-kit but they said it does not matter as my computer and account security is up to me.

Also, if you shared your account with anyone via family sharing, it could have been someone else that used a hack.