Random Errors (I need help ASAP)

Ok basically I am recieving errors that I have never had before (Happened randomly)

I have removed the addons that it says have an error and it is still exacly the same (Unplayable)

Here are the errors http://i.imgur.com/m8k9KFM.png

I have also tried putting the Gamemode/Base back on and it is still not working

This needs to be fixed ASAP I hope someone can help me

p.s. There are many more errors that appear when you remove the addons that are errored I cannot understand the problem!

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Update: I removed the addons that were apparently broken (Have always worked until now?) and this happened http://i.imgur.com/uCe3Oar.png

p.s. I tried removing every addon and it started working but what good is that!

This had always worked before and I do not know the problem?