random fire and advanced fire.

I got random fire on my server but its very enoying because the props get on fire but i want that the ground or what ever.
but with advanced fire the ground catches on fire but i can’t extinguish it.

You’re welcome.

Wait, was there a question in there?

You what?

i wat that not the prop get on fire but the ground.


Wut u kan du iz us betr english so ppl kan undrstend u betr. Becuz ur nut makeing any sence.

Rated tool.
I still don’t understand what your question is.

His problem is that he can’t extinguish the advanced fire addon with his swep, and he want to know how to fix that.

Pour water on it?

Has he tried seeing how the advanced fire addon makes fire, and adapting his SWep to work with it?

I think he wants fire to start at random places in his map and to spread from there.

I doubt it’s possible to do it efficiently with random positions so you’ll be better off defining a table of valid ones, as for spreadable fires a couple of addons/gamemodes already do it.

  • Bad reading -

Actually. I think he’s talking about a method of putting it out. Not starting it.

Oh you’re right, probably, who knows… I’ll just do like you and let him reword it before acting.

oke listen i got advanced fire on it BUT, i want that it just randomly will ignite somewhere in the map.
but i got a script now but not with advanced fire but with the standart one but with that the props only get on fire.
can anyone help me?

No. You are beyond help.
If you want us to help you, you need to help us.
Please, look up English tutorials (There are probably some youtube videos on sentence structure and basic grammar), and then for the love of god actually learn Lua.
You don’t know it. I know you don’t know it, because I have talked to you via steamfriends for longer than I ever wanted to. You are simply taking addons and parts of other gamemodes and sticking them in to Cider and expecting them to work.
It won’t!
Read Programming In Lua. (Better yet, buy the actual book. It’s more up to date, and a physical textbook is superior to an online one in many ways)
You don’t need to read it all in one go, in fact I recommend that you don’t.
Read a little bit every day, say an hour. An hour a day of uninterrupted reading with all communications switched off, so you can’t be distracted.
After a couple of days, you’ll probably know more about Lua than you would have learned in a month of trying to make GModRP SWeps work in Cider.
And if you get confused? Come in here and ask! Make a thread in Newbie Questions called “Geniouszx3’s Learning Questions” and ask any question in it, and people will help you.
It shouldn’t take more than a month for you to get to the point where you can write all the SWeps and fire codes you want by yourself, and make a successful RP gamemode as you want to do.
And once you’ve done it, you’ll have a transferable life skill.
Or, you could not learn Lua, if that seems like too much effort.
But either way, please stop trying to do this.



3:28 PM - [FL:A]-SoundBl@ster-[NL]: join
3:28 PM - [FL:A]-SoundBl@ster-[NL]: invite me
3:29 PM - [FL:A]-SoundBl@ster-[NL]: btw howmuch members?
3:29 PM - GUnix| SchuMacher: You got - Started yesterday
3:29 PM - [FL:A]-SoundBl@ster-[NL]: no started like 6weeks ago i think
3:29 PM - [FL:A]-SoundBl@ster-[NL]: 5
3:29 PM - [FL:A]-SoundBl@ster-[NL]: maybee
3:29 PM - GUnix| SchuMacher: We have… 3-4
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3:29 PM - GUnix| SchuMacher: i just told oyu…
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3:30 PM - GUnix| SchuMacher: were are you from
3:30 PM - [FL:A]-SoundBl@ster-[NL]: invite me for you clan



I’ve got this under wraps guys. I can speak some dutch so I can help him tomorrow :smiley:

HELP my fire tool isnt showing any fire but i get the damage !!! what sould i do!!!