Random fire in map


I’m looking for a script that makes fire on random places in a map, because I have cider and maked a Fireman job. It will be great if they can do there job. :slight_smile:

Is there someone who have the script or can script it for me? I searched a lot for it but without succes.


Give me 15 reasons (PROPER reasons) to why i should spend my time making a script for you.

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If you’re not even going to help anybody, why do you bother answering his request? If you have nothing better to do than harass people for using the forum, leave.

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I have a begin:

timer.Create( “randomFireTimer”, 180, 0, function()

local pPhys = ents.FindByClass( "prop_physics" )
local rPPhys = pPhys[ math.random( #pPhys ) ]

if ( !rPPhys:IsOnFire() ) then

	rPPhys:Ignite( 600, 0 )

end )

But now only props spawned by people get in fire, I wan’t on random places in map a fire that get bigger.

there is a function that makes random fire. i’ve used it before.

ii think the actual fire is called env_fire and to make it start it uses a trigger (like a player passes reaches a certain point)