Random Fps Drop

I am playing with ok fps for about 10 minutes. Then suddenly my frames drop to like 5 fps for 2 minutes. After that I get normal fps again for 4-5 minutes before the fps drops to 5 for 1 minute. This goes over and over again. Does anyone know why? (Btw the random fps drop happens in many of my games, but not as extreme as in Rust.)

You have a laptop ?

Try turning off grass, grass.on false in console. Post your computer specs and your resolution, and how many monitors, too, so we can better help you out. Also, go into options and turn off Forced Texturing and turn the awesomeness level all the way down.

Mostly fps drops are caused by (big)structures getting loaded.
I recommend you check out the performance guide also.

That’s clearly not what he’s experiencing. He describes that his FPS would drop to 5 for an extended period of time. Buildings loading sets your FPS to 0, for a few seconds or more depending on your system.

Allright, I tried anyways well when buildings load for me its barely a split second since I started using the performance guide, the performance guide could still get a fix for it tho.
He says he experiences it in other games also so it might be his specs.
OP, can you post your specs please?
You probally have to upgrade a few things.