Random Freezing

Lately in Garry’s Mod, I’ve been getting weird freezing issues especially when I’m joining a server, in the middle of joining the server, and leaving the server. Any solutions?

Well, let’s start with general debugging. How many addons do you have in Garry’s Mod, (I myself have waay to many, time to get rid of them since I have your same issue)

Yep. WAY too many. I have a question. Which one creates more problems? Addons from workshop or addons in folders such as wiremod? And if it is from workshop, can I disable them or do I have to uninstall them?

You can disable them, but addons in folders are the most troublesome. A few addons in folders such as Wiremod are fine, but a ton of model packs in plain folders cause a lot of lag.

Yeah, well first of all, they both cause lots of lag. I suggest running the least amount of addons you can have.