Random Giant Monster Rampage!

I’ve seen some pretty cool first-person screenshots, so I thought I might give it a try. Then I thought “Why not add a giant unstoppable monster in there? Then the army could be involved!” The result was this:



Why aren’t the tanks shooting? Well, they could have already shot some shells and this screenshot was taken in between firing. I also didn’t want to make a tank fire because that would block the view of tank crushing action. Also, yes I know the smoke is crappy but I’m still experimenting with things, trying something new for me.

This took me most of my day. Focusing on the tiny details. Plus I work slow. :banjo:

I was also playing around at what things would look like with first-person effects.


I hate Deathclaws. +1 Art.

The smoke on the building that the Deathclaw is destroying its looks like is glowing :v:

Besides that, it looks nice, well posed and edited.

the tank should shoot his junk


Sweet. :v:

Thanks for the comments. :smile:

HOLY FUCK! I hate Deathclaws but giant ones, no thanks. Everything is awesome, I always love giant monster scenes

smashed building should create more debris I thinks

Me too now.

And I thought deathclaws were horrifying when they were NORMAL SIZE.


very impressive on the first person view

The one black guy in the picture has little to no faceposing. But that’s being a tad meticulous. It’s a pretty good picture, as said before the destroyed building could us some more debris, though.

I was thinking that too, but there is some faceposing on him. Guess you can’t see it. Thanks for the comments though!

I like it, good job.

Very good. I like the depth-of-field on the rifle.

Reminds me of Cloverfield. Good work.

Awesome I like the pose for the people running next to the tank.

Nice. I like it, but get the impression that the civilians aren’t running in panic. They should be legging it, arms in the air.

All that is needed is Godzilla on the scene and the mayhem is complete.

Would people really do that? I thought that would be something from a cartoon. :v:

Anyways thanks!

Sweet jesus giant deathclaw!

What are the Soldier models? And… Is that a shooped Deathclaw, or is the model that big?