Random GMOD Crashes

I have recently have started getting these crashes. I haven’t downloaded any addons, the only thing I have downloaded is SDK / Hammer to learn how to make maps with.
Though, after these crashes, I have uninstalled all games, and even reinstalled the steam app on my computer.

80% of the time, it crashes when shooting happens. Either from me or others near me. Then bang, I freeze for about 5 seconds and then my GMOD just crashes. No warnings, errors, nothing. It was fine before, no issues like this at all ever. Why is this happening? Also, if anyone can add me and help me troubleshoot what could be happening!

Extra info ; I play on a DarkRP server, Modified RP, if that matters at all.

Make sure your drivers are up to date, verify integrity of game cache and try running the game with -dxlevel 80

Everything is up to date and I have verified.

Still having same issue.

Also ; After PC restart I can play for awhile without crashes, then after it crashes it will happen quicker (5 minutes - hour)

Check your computer temperature with hwmonitor

That can’t be it, my PC is always cool.

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Could it be Windows 8.1? If so, I would need to downgrade, is this even possible to do?

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Just verified integrity of game cache again, this time is said ; 1 files failed to validate and will be reacquired. Then I did it again and it said all files were vaildated. What to do?

Did you test it?

Going back to Windows 8? Idk how.

After verifying the integrity I mean. You might be able to uninstall 8.1 from add and remove programs if you click show updates at the left

I have went back to Windows 8 and reset EVERYTHING back to default. I had to reinstall steam and CSS and GMOD.

The game STILL crashes. So it has nothing to do with any programs or anything. I even tried playing with everything else closed to be sure the most memory was going towards GMOD.

I am still having these issues, even though I have reset my computer back to the day I got it. It use to run fine, then one day, just started randomly crashing, no reason what so ever.

I hope this info helps, maybe someone can help me as I have seen other people with the same issue I am having. Thanks.

I’m having the same problem when I join Modified RP ever since I got this new Windows 8 Computer.