Random Gun SWEP V1

Here Is My Gun.
The View Is Shotgun
While The World Is Gravity Gun(LOL)
Primary:Throws A Crate To Knock The F***
Out Of People
Secondary Places A Mine.
Press Again To Detonate.
No Pics Yet,But They’re Coming!
Grab It Here…

Thanks to Trivitz For the part of the lua file to make the crate work.

(User was banned for this post ("Wrong section" - mahalis))

You didn’t code anything in that swep and you know it. You’re just asking for trouble pretending you should get any credit for what’s in that download.

If You’re not going to say anything nice,
DON’T say anything AT ALL!

Its called Critisism.

If you dont want feedback, dont post, you are in a public place. In the forums, peepole express his feelings about a thing.
If you dont want to say something, remove the addon.

I wanna hear what people say about my SWEP.
If there’s a bug,I wanna know about it.
What I don’t wanna hear is people saying bad things about me.


say bad things about me


Listen up purelyshit we are just giving you feedback, accept it okay. It doesn’t matter what the fuck it says, just deal with it and learn from it. Come back when you have something good to say don’t bash the people trying to tell you what’s wrong with it.

OK,But this thread for talking about my gun,NOT cursing at me.

Thats right guys, dont sware at the 10yr old.

Yeah,Right like i’m a 10 year old >:(

Crazy Quebec’s right on the money, though… All you did - ALL you did - was take an existing SWEP, change some of the fields to make it look somewhat like you made it, and took my crate-shooting code (Trivitz’ version without my misspelt function name).

People ‘saying bad things about you’ is something you fully agreed to when you made the thread. As long as people don’t resort to flaming (which they haven’t).

Yep, he dident realy make any thing, he Copy/Pasted -.-’

And you didn’t give credit to Cheesylard, who made 90% of the effort involved in putting this SWEP together. This is essentially just an edit of that.

Oh yeah, you’re still 9 and a half…

You Don’t See That I Credited You?


Shut Up,man i’m 19.


Yeah I should’ve credited him/her.


What’s flaming?


Well,when I learn lua and how to make the models for the SWEPs,(If you can tell me how,please tell me!)
I’ll be able make everything by myself.

Did you check the tutorials on the GMod Wiki? They seem to go down to a pretty basic level, assuming no prior programming experience.

Left handed weapons are really annoying, they just look wrong.

They grow up so fast!

Troll thread. Nothing to see here, folks.
Just another 5-second edit.