Random Gun SWEP V1

YOU SIR, Just Got Caught
Have a nice day for stealing others work.

Don’t say sir, unless he is higher authority than you, it makes him feel good.






Frankly, I don’t really give a shit if he “stole” it from me or not. Good job on making a swep though.


After further investigation, I take that back. You suck, my good sir.

I was being nice
You Faggot Just Got Caught
Stealing stuff from cheezylard is bad because he put more that 1 minute of work into it.

PurelyAwsom is lying about his age (as if it weren’t obvious enough).

He claims he is 19.
On his YouTube account, it claims he is 24.

However, he is quite probably 10 or 11, because of the following points:

  1. Pre-Pubescent Voice in his own video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWTaLUbgm5Q
  2. Really really crappy website on free hosting here: http://nockwebsite.webs.com/
  3. Liking Sonic games that have been made after the year 1996.
  4. Thinking that Halo CE is interesting and/or cool.
  5. Shoop Da Whoop tiled background on YouTube profile.

Yeah, next time you lie about your age, keep it consistant. You can’t fool us, kiddo.

Also, hahaha, “Nock099 Fans”… You don’t have any fans.

And another thing, not a good idea to give out links to pirate copies of games, idiot. Nice sprites you got there. NOT.

EDIT: To teach you a lesson, I’ve reported your video with the piracy link. If you want to pirate stuff, don’t go blabbing it around on one of the most commonly visited websites ever.

You sir, deserve a medal.

Halo CE Wasn’t A Pirated Game.It Was Meant For My Friends.
And Yes,If It Makes You Happy,I’m 11.
I Hope You Know That Even Though I’m 11,I Have A Deep Voice.
And Do Me A Favor. LOOK AT THE VIEWS!!
What’s Wrong With Liking Sonic?
I Bet You Like Barbie.
And Who Dos’nt Like Shoop Da Whoop?
I Hope You’re Satisfied.

You really should establish arguments with proper punctuation, grammar, and spelling - regardless, you’ll lose either way. You should just stop where you are right now. The points established here are that: no one cares about your poorly coded scripted weapon (which includes stolen code), and you lying about yourself is ridiculous, and only further proves your maturity is less than fit for public discussion in such a community.

Slightly off-topic, but I read this thread daily for a good laugh. :smile:

I thought that was the purpose of this thread.

You need to leave facepunch, wait till your in at leeeast 14, this is just ridiculous.

Well, i have 12, but i have an intelligence of 15.
I dont have stoled content, or gaved an warning for an idiot reason, i keep posting here and respect every user of this community.
I like facepunch, the users, the staff, the content!
Facepunch 4 Ever!

Just stop posting… Please? for the good of the world.

First, your voice is as high as a 5 year old’s, and second, the highest amount of views I saw on your videos was around 450, and chances are that is viewers from Facepunch, or people expecting something better.



Kid in bed has :downs:?

Dete Ike! Seriously.

I mean, I’m 16, but even I know that you’re too young for this.

You don’t have a deep voice. Tay Zonday has a deep voice.
Look at the views? What, 12 on average? So?
I didn’t say liking Sonic, I said liking Sonic games that have been produced after 2006. i.e, thinking that Shadow is anywhere near the cool boundary.
Shoop Da Whoop is an OLD, OLD meme, that isn’t funny anymore. Only an idiot or a kid would think that it was funny, and oh look, we have both of them right here.

Half a thousand views doesn’t mean you have fans buzzing round you constantly. My most-viewed has 42 thousand and I don’t have fans buzzing round me constantly.

Also Shoop da Whoop got boring pretty quickly.