Random Idea

So you know how like a huge chunk of the map is that no-mans land with no resources and stuff?

I was thinking it would be cool to add like a big Nuclear factory way in the back of it. (This could potentially explain why there is no vegetation or anything currently in that area)

It would have a heavy radiation where it can only really be survived in with a full rad suit or a bunch of rad pillz, and would have lots of loot spawns and stuff.

Its a really long travel though so people would have to get alot of stuff to survive the trip and if it becomes a popular loot place then big teams can have like turf wars around it and stuff.

The map doesn’t have resources spread evenly because it’s in alpha and that’s on the to-do list. That’ll change in time; devs said so months ago.

That does actually sound like a pretty cool idea. However, i have to agree with elixwhitetail. This is most likely just because the game is in alpha and will most likely be changed in time.

Nuclear Factory where we could craft nuclear weapons. All out Thermonuclear War!! Brings a new aspect to the game. Bring on the cheaters…!!