Random Ideas

(Before I start I’d like to say sorry if this breaks any rule, I read the rules but I didn’t understand some)

Random ideas, some maybe even all of these will suck but I’m just coming up with random things.

More crafting agents - This is a given, obviously there will be more but it’s always good to get more options so I’m going to list a few that I can think of.
Casings (Explained below in the random features section)
Crafting a casing/gunpowder will make the new round again (This should be easier than just making a while new round, all the servers are down so I can’t think of a better recipe at the moment)

A simple Knife (Can be crafted out of wood for the handle, then maybe 3 metal fragments for the blade.) this could be more of a starting weapon than the stone hatchet. Obviously these wouldn’t be good for gathering wood/stones but they would for killing animals and such. You could possibly throw them as well.

Bones, you could be able to get bones from things you kill.
You can craft blades for the knife mentioned above, so that all you would have to do is gather some wood and kill a pig to get a sturdy early game weapon/tool.
You could craft spearheads out of bones for spears, a weapon with good range and the ability to throw.

Random/Misc features or additions -
Ability to pick up arrows off of the ground/Take arrows out of things you’ve killed (Arrows have a chance of “breaking” when they impact which will return a broken arrow instead of a regular one, which you can repair with wood)

The ability to get casings off of the ground/out of loot to make more ammo out of your already shot rounds.

Things to increase accuracy, maybe the longer you use a weapon the more the sway gets reduced. Because realistically the more you use lets say a bow the better/more accurate you get with it. So, it would make sense for the sway of the bow or the hitbox to decrease the longer you use it (This could easily be abused with people just being afk with it drawn, so maybe the more you shoot it the more the sway/hitbox reduces?)

A coordinate system, this is not only realistic but would equal to a lot of easy ways to traverse the terrain. Maybe you can get a map or craft some type of device to see your coordinates and based off of that you can find other things.

I’m sure I’ll make more of these as I think of things, but yeah you guys can use this thread to make your suggestions too and hopefully someone with authority could come and give feedback on some of the ideas as well. I guess this can be a type of introduction too as I’m new to Rust/this forum; so hello, I am Exodus.

A coordinate system would be awesome. Like Arma 2, it would allow me to find my friend more easily in the game when we spawn in. :smiley: I bet that this will be implemented though, there is no reason why orientation tools should not be implemented into the game. For now, we must rely on landmarks. (Which isn’t much of a problem since the play area of the map is small right now, but when it does get larger, this WILL be needed.)

I wholeheartedly agree, PC.

I used to hate the lack of coordinates or map. Now that I know the map fairly well, it doesn’t bother me. I can random spawn and, with a little walking if surrounded by trees, can figure out my location fairly quickly.

I don’t know what you mean by a coordinate system being ‘more realistic.’ Considering the state we spawn in, what would you realistically use to determine your coordinates?

I do agree we need more in the way of craftables and materials, but it needs to be measured and include changes to other items’ craft costs and availability, not just added for the sake of adding it, otherwise they will be like hand cannons – rarely used. I understand this is part of what it means to be playing an alpha, but THIS should be the time these things are tweaked to figure out the right balance.

I had something like a craftable item in mind, so you wouldn’t really get it when you first spawn I don’t assume. Maybe I explained it a bit badly, I’ll keep brainstorming to figure out a more realistic method.

Yeah I agree, but handcannons are great for killing zombies/animals I use them all the time :smiley:

This is something that would come in handy after it has been crafted. Once the map is more developed, this could become a vital tool. In DayZ, I have to rely on maps for navigation. Without them, I would be running around like a headless chicken. :smiley: Currently, a map with a coordinate grid would be pretty much useless judging by the developed area on the map, but as I said before, when the map becomes larger and has more buildings added, it will be a great tool.