Random Lag Problem, help me!@!!!!

Ok, I have a very annoying problem, random lag. When I first go to Singleplayer or a server im fine, I go around and there is no fps lag unless theres a really big contraption or whatever, thats normal. But then, after a while, I begin to lag for no reason what so ever. Even if theres nothing on the server or there arent even any players, its just there! I have no idea what to do any more, ive tried deleting every thing and reinstalling, ive tried Vista Anti-Lag, nothing works!!! please help!!!

Are u a wireless network? If so, that is why. If not, idk

He said on single player. :downs:

It could be your graphics card overheating; something which doesn’t usually occur as soon as you start a game. Are you on a laptop?

Ahhhh, yea Im on my laptop, and yea it does feel hot often, garrysmod uses up alot of ram :/, is there a way to keep it cool?

Laptops don’t really have the hardware to support gmod.

If you feel it getting really hot and hear the fan whirring really loudly, open a couple windows.

I can get my PC down from 63 degrees to 37 by opening a window. :smug:

oh cool, thanks man.

bullshit :ninja: