Random Lag when opening the "Browse" tab.

Upon opening the “Browse” tab within the Q menu, even if I haven’t selected a section to browse for props in, Garry’s Mod start’s to lag uncontrollably until I close it, and restart it.

I doubt the amount of models I have installed could cause the lag, as the only models I have at the moment are:
Wiremod Models
Unofficial Wiremod extras Models
And 1 or 2 small model packs and/or individual props/ragdolls.

Does anyone know why I’m lagging? and if so, is there a way to fix it?


Maybe it’s caused by a LUA Virus


You obviously don’t even know what a lua virus is.

The reason it lags so much is because it needs to render so many damn materials, - one for each prop.

what exactly makes it random

you seem to know damn well how to predict it

Ok,ok,sorry Mr Pro.

So, is there any way to pre-render all the materials or do I just have to wait?