Random Lag

So, before the latest Gmod Update, I ran it fine, no problems.
But now, every so often, I randomly pause, and since I BHOP on Sassilization Nightmare mode, I die because of it. And it’s becoming worse and worse.
Please help.

Post your specs, and I have no idea what would cause that. I haven’t noticed any difference in the amount of lag I get since the update.

the random pause (im guessing on initial spawn) is due the the rendering of all the objects in the map (i think)



And I’m not that stupid… Lol.
It’s not at the start. I said its during the time I’m playing.

Need help please…
Been playing with this for days. It’s making me rage.

Wierd lag for me, too. I even tried lowering my settings, setting the priority of Gmod in task manager on high, deleting everything and then re-installing the game, and it’s still not working.

On top of that my anti-aliasing is broken.

Something wierd I noticed recentley, though…I noticed that my Zoey player model I had installed previously is still there even after I deleted everything. I did not re-install it. I’m guessing that somehow the glitch has become embedded in the steam cloud or something…is there a way to completley and utterly wipe gmod from my computer so I can start it over?

Oh, and before this my fps was just fine, always going between 30-60 fps, on high settings. now it’s like 1 fps regardless of any changes to the settings I make.

Perhaps a recent update broke something for specific people…I’m seeing a few threads here and there of people with the same problem, but it’s rare cases…can someone get Garry to look into this matter, please? As this guy said, it’s making some of us rage.

Delete all garrysmod folders and delete the .gcf

Delete the gcf, huh? I’ll try that…

Still needing help.
Would be appreciated.

Afew weeks passed.
Still need help.