Random lagspike when a player joins?

So, my server ran like a charm, i installed a couple addons, now it always starts with sv_allowcslua 1 (i even put 0 on the cfg )
But the server still ran ok.
However, when i installed another bunch of addons, i started getting random lagspikes when someone joined.
According to an older thread here it said that it was beacuse MySQL was not connecting so ULX was saving user ranks into a big file?
And yeah, here are some net_Graph 4 screenshots of when it lags.
Oh and it also rarely happens but when no player is connecting, it happens as well.

On a side note: This guy joined my server, and placed a prop on a 0 0 position or something like that, and my console was getting flooded by invalid angle messages, i managed to fix that by simply changing the map, so i see entities spiking up… that might be related? This guy keeps threatening to ddosing me and doing so, and he’s asking me to pay him.

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It lags when it says EXIST

For your sv_allowcslua stuff one of your addons is countering that setting, here’s a temporary fix.

function ACoolName()
 timer.Create("ACoolName2", 5, 1, function()
  game.ConsoleCommand("sv_allowcslua 0/n")
hook.Add("Initialize", "ACoolName3", ACoolName)

, not /n.

Thanks! Ill try that later, however, the lagspikes tho?

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Any way i can just find wich addon did that?

Nothing! It’s still lagging like crazy :frowning: