Random Mortal Kombat stuff

Hope it’s cool if I ask for critique (Kinda new to posting)

Not only is it okay to ask for critique, it’s encouraged. Especially since most people will give it to you anyway.

My only real problem with this pose is that nothing is happening, really. The hands and fingers on Smoke are surprisingly accurate for someone’s first picture, but there’s not a lot going on. Also, I’d have Zero’s head back more. Right now it looks like he’s been paralyzed from the neck down, but he’s keeping his head up for some reason.

Maybe if there was a ripped up guy in the background or at least some blood on Sub Zero, it’d be a bit more interesting.

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Also, the map doesn’t really fit MK. It’s too modern day. A more fantasy map would fit.

That being said, it’s not terrible for a first pose. I like the glow around Smoke’s eyes.

Hmmmm. Ok I see what you mean. So right now, it doesn’t look interesting/like anything is actually happen?

It looks like something interesting is happening, but the size of the picture and amount of emptiness in the picture is a bit of a waste.

If the picture was tighter and the angle slightly different, it’d be much better. there’s a lot of empty space.