Random Movie-like Screenshots

Dont have a title for this one.

“White Forest Underground”
I took a screenshot of the background and added some shading and photorealisitc effects.

What sucks is that I edited this all in Paint.NET

i fixed it

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rate me a wrench for being a golden image technician

Thanks. But I fixed it before I even knew I had a comment. x3

Really like the second one.

Thank you. :3

The second one is very nice.


Errr… I’ve already seen the second one somewhere… I think it’s one of the backgrounds from HL2:EP2…

Yes, because it’s physically impossible for anybody to go to the same place and take a screenshot.

It must also be physically impossible to pose a bunch of ragdolls doing shit in garrysmod.

lolol sarcasm ur so witty

Fury_161 : What do you mean?

Are you sure? Completely sure? I don’t know man…

:< Sorry then.