Random people crash while on the server

Hey guys, sorry to be a pain, but I’ve been having some issues. A lot of people, but not quite everyone seem to crash at random while on my TTT server. It’s becoming rather annoying and I want very much to get it sorted. It seems to be happening more frequently after map change, with 2-6 people consecutively in a row. Like, my developer commented that it may possibly not be on our end, but I’m skeptical. Basically, my game’ll freeze, sound loop for a few seconds and then just close.

*So, I gathered a couple of crash logs from regulars and I was wondering if someone could open a couple more me and see if there’s any information or something that vaguely leads the problem. Like, I’m really sorry, but I took a look at my own crash logs in Visual Studio and felt seriously out of my depth.

If anyone has/had a similar issue, I’d really appreciate if you gave some suggestions or feedback, because it’d be great if this issue stopped.


I had someone go through the logs and this was what we got:
“all from reading either invalid memory locations, or ones which it doesn’t have permission for”

What would this mean?