Random pink patches on model and black body groups

Hey all.
Can anyone help me with the problems I am having? 1 of them is that random parts of a model I am putting into GMod has pink on it, yet the texture has no pink on it, and it is fully UV mapped. This happens both ingame and in MilkShape 3D.
Pic of it:


The other problem is that some of the body groups for this weapons (2 of the scopes) have fully black textures ingame and in MilkShape 3D.
Pic of it:


The black and pink are both part of the same texture - it’s a checkerboard material Source uses to tell you it hasn’t found a texture.
All I can think of at the moment is that the faces you’re having problems with aren’t UV mapped, or - something I heard someone once mention - the UV faces could be overlapping somewhere on the same material.(I’m not sure if that last one causes problems or not.)

Tried applying the texture on the pink faces in milkshape? Because it looks like you haven’t assigned a texture to them. The black texture is probably because the polygons are flipped inside out.

Thanks Ilwrath, that solved that problem. Now, I tried assigning the texture to the pink part, and it did nothing.