Random Polygons Missing

So the last few time’s I’ve launched gmod I’ve been having this really annoying problem where almost all of my model have random missing polygons. I don’t know what is causing it exactly.
So far I’ve tried tweaking graphics card settings, in game video settings, and clearing my game cache. I receive no errors when starting the game and no lua errors in game which only serve to confuse me even more.



maybe a reinstall of the game might help i had the same thing happen to me just make a backup off all your content like ,addons,maps,models,…etc so when u finished the reinstall u don’t loss all your stuff
hope tht helps

This is not a problem that only you are having. I’m having the same problem but with a load of different games on my computer, at first I thought it was just me but its not. I started going on google to see if someone had a solution to it, but what I found was just loads more people having the same problem! And everyone that said they had the problem also stated they had AMD RADEON Graphics card! I even have this graphics card so I know what is causing the problem! I just don’t know how to fix it… I noticed that two updates ago on my graphics card(Currently May, 29 on my behaf) this problem started hitting me and know one had posted this problem before them! The best you can do right now is complain to AMD about this problem so they will fix this in the next update.
-p.s. Minecraft is the only game I have noticed that does not have this problem(Maybe because it runs on java and not a video card)

That is trippy as fuck.
This has never happened to me in any game ever, so I don’t know what to say. As AlienNova stated earlier, he thinks its a graphics card problem, and he says he has an AMD Radeon–Cryptokid, do you have this aswell? If so, it could be your graphics card/drivers.

Yep, exact same card series. They must have released some bad drivers or something.

Speaking of which, me being a Mac user as well, I think I remember an article or post a while back on the Internet that stated that Macs in 2006 or something used AMD; according to the article they had notoriously bad drivers.

Seems as if this isn’t the first time AMD screwed up.

Just received a driver update, we’ll see if this fixes it.