Random Questions.

So I noticed nudity is kind of out right now. Are they adding this back in or? no? I felt well for one. It kept the game very mature. (less 12 year olds playing) It made the game feel visceral and raw like you really did just get chucked out in middle of no where with nothing. Plus I want to see boobies if they add girl models Lawl (There goes my maturity) .

Also I noticed theres trello but i have no idea how it works and how to tell what they are working on and whats confirmed to be coming. Is there someplace with like a list of confirmed stuff coming?

thats all for now.


F1 > censor.nudity false

still works.

All you can see here is what they are working on: https://trello.com/b/lG8jtz6v/rust

That does not necessarily mean it will make it into the game, but everything you see at the Next Version card will obviously in the next version.

This --> http://playrust.com/censorship-update/