Random Questions

Spawn location

  1. I remember using a tool on one a server which allowed me to set my own spawn position. I’d click on the ground or one of my props and sparks would shoot up signaling that that is my new spawn location. Does anyone know where I can find this tool to download?

  2. Currently when sitting in a chair I take no damage from any external sources, only if I am on fire. Is there some add-on or something which fixes this?

  3. I’ve downloaded “Simple Prop Damage”, and it works fine with all props. Only problem is it does not affect thrusters, hoverballs etc. Is there any way to fix this or another add-on which does affect hoverballs etc?

  4. Is there any tool like “Explosive entities” or “Breakable Props” which is compatible with advanced duplicator? Like, I set the health of a prop, adv dupe it and place it again with the same health.

  5. Is there a way to save contraptions as prefabs and then load them into hammer for mapping? I want to have one of my contraptions spawn-able in my map.