Random / Reasonable Ideas for Rust

EDIT---- I revamped this thread to improve readability by reducing word clutter and structuring everything better. It’s not very easy for me to get my point across without typing a lot, so I apologize. I may also add a suggestion masterlist for the best / most reasonable suggestions made for the game later on.

I personally do not like Rust as much as I should. While I really enjoy being able to make my own house procedurally (instead of prebuilts / etc.), and gathering resources to survive, I’m not enjoying the community a whole lot. Of course it’s a by-server basis, but still, almost everyone acts like a butthurt 15-year-old League of Legends player.

I’m seeing a lot of RPG-like suggestions and requests for a game that is far from an RPG. People want sand to make glass to make windows and shit, which I don’t think really fits at all with Rust’s theme. As much as I’d like to turn this into a Sims Deathmatch Balls Out game, I really feel like shit like that detracts from a smooth experience. Here’s some of my stuff:

TL;DR List:
Suggestion/Request: Armor Affects Speed
Purpose/Why: Helps newbies escape high-tier bandits–more variation between armor (max 5% reduction to speed Kevlar to nude)
Personal Good/Bad Rating (10 Max Score): 8/2

Suggestion/Request: Realistic Weapon/Armor Models & Stats (CONFIRMED MODEL CHANGES)
Purpose/Why: Make guns/armor fit the scavenging / survival theme; guns should be as efficient as prison zipguns; armor shouldn’t look like casual clothes
Personal Good/Bad Rating (10 Max Score): 6/4

Suggestion/Request: Stealthy / Saboteur-like Raiding
Purpose/Why: Things like grappling hooks for windows or a lighter pick for scaling surfaces (possible stamina bar?), and defenders can break it off with a hatchet; more ways to enter base without having to make your presence known; faster but less permanent than stairs
Personal Good/Bad Rating (10 Max Score): 10/0

Suggestion/Request: Handheld Metal Door Rams
Purpose/Why: Like what police/SWAT use IRL; alternative to using explosives; only affects doors (although can break walls if designed to)
Personal Good/Bad Rating (10 Max Score): 10/0

Suggestion/Request: “Half” Walls
Purpose/Why: Redundant door security good; make it so can place pillar in middle and doorway with half wall to close gap; use less room and more security
Personal Good/Bad Rating (10 Max Score): 8/2

Suggestion/Request: Cotton Plants / Animal Leather instead of Cloth / More resource nodes
Purpose/Why: Cloth make no sense for animals to drop; more RNG for resource nodes, metal / wood harder to gather overall as result (lessens rapid progression), new cloth starter recipe (make cotton > cloth)
Personal Good/Bad Rating (10 Max Score): 9/1

Suggestion/Request: Stone / Metal / Sulfur Droprate Change
Purpose/Why: Stone should drop more than metal / sulfur; more emphasis on using bow / other tools that use stone; makes more sense; lessens rapid progression overall
Personal Good/Bad Rating (10 Max Score): 7/3

Suggestion/Request: Animation Locks for Healing / Food
Purpose/Why: Like DayZ; prevents movement by forcing bandaging / medkit animation, etc.; therefore can’t abuse during combat; make bleeding less threatening to compensate
Personal Good/Bad Rating (10 Max Score): 9/1

*Armor makes you slower
The Good~
This won’t be as slow as TF2 Scout vs. Heavy. More like 5% reduction to overall speed while wearing full Kevlar compared to being completely nude. Cloth would have maybe a 1% difference, and leather would have a 2.5% difference. The intention isn’t to make it game-changing, just better for newbies who just joined.
~The Bad
Nude people could run faster and outgun better players, but then they would have 0 protection.

*Guns / armor need to look / feel / act like they were made from raw materials (since they are)
The Good~
This would improve immersion a lot, make guns look /act more like prison zipguns since making them all from raw materials. At least look like they’re all cracked / old / covered in tape or something.
~The Bad
Mostly useless, since this type of game doesn’t attract people who want immersion. Would not be very high priority. Mostly a fun idea for a dev to mess around with on their free time or something. They will be adding item durability so reduced stats probably not necessary.

*Stealthier / more ways to raid bases
The Good~
Make fighting players more dynamic or give people more choices to raid with. If you’ve played DarkRP as a thief before, nothing is more satisfying than getting in and out of a person’s home with all of their money printers and weed plants without ever being caught.

Things like a hook-and-rope (or just a grappling hook) or some kind of climbable object you can throw up onto people’s windows instead of having to build a giant staircase. It wouldn’t be as permanent as a staircase, but it would be faster and less obvious, and the defender can detach the hook from the window with a hatchet.

Also a handheld battering ram (like what police or SWAT generally use on doors) would also be neat, adding an item in that can actually destroy metal doors / possibly walls, other than explosives.

This would also put less emphasis on farming up tons of explosives, and giving people more options to do things. It would also add more things to create (metal hook, coiled rope, metal cylinder, etc.).
~The Bad
I can’t think of too many things bad about this. If people are gonna make windows then they better be prepared to get their back door opened up nice and wide. It’s just reasonable to have more ways to raid since raiding is a primary / main feature of Rust.

*Remove cloth from animals, add cotton plants, make animals drop leather instead (maybe not the pigs)
The Good~
It makes a lot of sense, honestly. Smelting cloth into leather seems like an extremely half-baked attempt at making leather a viable resource. It also adds more resource nodes, and in addition, will make stone / wood compete with another resource (which goes into another point I will be making shortly about the rate of gathering).
~The Bad
It seems like a lot of effort right now when there’s so many things to fix (however, they ARE working on dynamic resources, as mentioned on Trello). It seems like it would be a good project down the road when other things are settled.

*Metal and sulfure ore needs to drop less than stones / trade their drop rates
The Good~
Makes guns / bullets / anything made with metal fragments harder and more valuable. Makes trading with other players more viable. Makes scavenging more important. The fact that metal ore is so easy to get compared to stones is really stupid I think, especially since you’re just smacking boulders scattered around on the forest floor. It also addresses the concern of progression being far too rapid / easy.

In addition, it would make bows / handcannons / pipe shotguns more viable, and more people would make them. Since the handmade guns are more or less neglected by almost everyone (save for people who use them against NPCs), there’s really no point in having them in the game.

I was honestly thinking about adding mineral nodes in mountains / cliff sides, but that seems like a bit much. It also means everyone would just settle around mountains.
~The Bad
With the changes to blueprints, it would probably make progression too hard. Not entirely necessary in the grand scheme of things anyway. Probably different ideas being brewed up by the devs for progression. If they added cotton plants as a third resource node, would probably make progression too hard.

*Animation lock for medkits / bandaging / food to prevent combat abuse
The Good~
I honestly dislike being able to spam medkits or other healing items to dramatically increase my longevity in combat. It’s also highly unfair to players who have not unlocked medkits yet. What I mean by animation lock is that the player is locked into an animation until the animation is finished, and the buff to the used item is applied. This is in place on DayZ to prevent this kind of combat abuse (and also because the UI on DayZ is horrible).
~The Bad
Would probably cause a lot of QQ. Would make dying insanely easier for a lot of players. There’s not too many things wrong with this idea but the QQ would go through the roof probably.

Sorry for the double post but I wanted to push this back up instead of remaking it again and adding clutter to the forum. I threw in a couple of new ideas and revamped it. I also plan to turn this into a suggestion master list for developer ease of access / to let people see what has already been suggested.


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