Random Rebel Gets Shot While Bad Editing Masks The Posing

also apparently the combine have laser rifles now, what the fuck is up with that


(It’s in a thumbnail because everything looks better smaller.)

You’re dissing your own picture because it looks bad. Why did you post it in the first place?

Why not? Perhaps I wanted someone else’s opinion on my piece whilst giving my own. You know, to -improve-?

“ahhhh yes, this is the best blowjob i’ve ever had, keep going babe”

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“It burns so good. Mmmmmm. xq”

Also, the combine are using cigarette bullets now?

Just a tip: if you don’t think it’s good yourself, don’t make a thread for it.

That’s more like ectoplasm than smoke.

Just couldn’t get that out of my head.


That’s more like it.

Hey look, I stole Faraon’s avatar, lets see how he reacts

“While bad editing masks the posing”

That made me laugh :v:

The look on his face makes up for any flaw in this picture. If I ever get shot, I hope a random photographer catches me making a smug orgasm face.