Random Resources!

Just a quick thought.

I reckon Rust would benefit from resources spawning in random locations:


  • encourage exploration
  • stops mega bases being built around lucrative static spawns
  • more realisitic
  • prevents the game from becoming stale (another resource run along the same old track)


  • resources may spawn in remote locations (possible fix is a respawn timer - not mined for 1 hour = respawn new location)
  • may be difficult to locate resources

I realise the map is still being developed and some areas are empty for a reason.

This could be implemented in the popular areas in the beginning with a wider sphere as more is added to the game :slight_smile:


Please visit

Also there is a sticky at the top of the forum that says READ THIS FIRST it has this link inside so people can see what is already planned for the game and not post ideas that are already planned for the future of the game.

Also there is a sub forum for suggestions.

wow I’m so sorry! Thanks for the heads up…

Won’t happen again :tinfoil:

The current map is just a test map in the future(probable when the beta comes out)we will have a new and huge map, the current map is so small that you can cross it in 30min we need something big like chernarus.