Random respawns

Since a few days I’m experiencing some problems with gmod. when I join my own server (linux fedora 14 on my local network) or another server on the internet I am experiencing random respawns every few seconds. The game jitters for a short while and I respawn to the place where I was a few seconds ago. The console gives this error: RunConsoleCommand blocked - sent before player spawned (ZLib_Installed).

The addons I have installed are:

Adv Duplicator (latest SVN version)
Combine NPC Pack
kermite shotgun pack
Nuke Pack 4
SMP (stranded model pack)
Combine spawn points
wire (latest SVN version)
wire model pack 1 (latest SVN version)
foilage pack

My server has the same addons installed, but has ASSmod installed as well.

I hope you can help!

edit: My OS is Windows 7.


Problem’s solved!


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The problem isn’t solved at all. I removed the Nuke Pack from both my computer and the server. After that the problem stopped for about 5 minutes and started again in the same way as before.

assMOD likes to mess with Source. Try removing that (it’s not that impossible to install ULX.)

Edit: you are also describing lagging (500 ping or such), which is bad. Is your server being attacked? Check your console whenever your connect.

Actually there is no lag at all, just 5 ms ping. I did manage to solve the problem now though. I just removed all the addons on my computer exept for wire, and advanced duplicator and now the problem is truely gone (I already played without the problem for a couple of hours). Assmod is still on the server, so this wasn’t the problem.