Random Restarts due to Rust++

Not bad talking rust++ at all. Its the best mod out right now for the game. I’m just curious, anyone running this mod and do you experience random reboots? I get a random reboot a lot and theres nothing in the logs. Ftp says its the mod causing the crashes. Ftp is FPSPLAYERS. Server literally goes down for 20 seconds an is back up with a roll back.

Yes sir this has happened to us 4 times. Last night was the first night it didn’t happen.
Not fun when everyone losing their stuff, they are pretty mad…

first i have heard of this, can someone post the output log?

happening to me all the time, i reinstalled the entire server so let’s see if it happens again

I do have seemingly random crashes. I also use Rust++ and DropParty.
I can’t be certain if it’s due to a mod or not. The server starts right back.

My FPT fpsplayers says its the mod. I’m not sure. Just going off what he says.
Letting you guys know.

Never had this issue, on the latest version of rust++

You may have installed it wrong, or made a mistake in the config

It’s most likely this. The server I mod has had zero restarts.

Is it possible you guys can send me your config file so I can see if it fixes mine??

I reinstalled my fps server (complete wipe), leather and rust++ and it seems that’s working fine now. 24hs without rebooting.

I just did this aswell.
Lets see how it goes.

150 people screaming!
but there ok =p

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brand new 4 hours in reboot.

my server is running for almost 48 hours without any reboot by itself! victory, i guess…

Who is your host?

I also got these random restarts since ive reinstalled rust++.
Serverhost is HFB, im waiting for the logfiles.

Everytime the server restarts, ppl loosing their items/ some of them get duplicated…
No idea how to solve this. Im only running Rust++ with leather Loader.

I re installed my entire server last night. I use FPSplayers. I have only had 1 random reboot last night.
I cant figure out what it is. I hate to say but I do think its the mod.

I guess thats a problem with the Server Memory, but i dont really know…

fps. i had the same issue, only solved after reinstall the service.

reinstalled and back 2 my 2nd reboot =(

What we did with ours is increase the auto-save configuration time. When we put it to every 1.5 minute, server crashed more frequently. It is now at 15 minutes and we had 1-2 crashes (lose 15 minutes worth of stuff), but after the first 1-2 initial crashes, we haven’t had one since.

This was all after completely reinstalling leather/rust++

So what do you put in your config =p