Random RP Clan

Cant believe I payed someone to host my shit.

The Black Mesa people really hate it when you use stuff from the leak.

Do they ever come on Facepunch anyways, Neo?


I don’t think they care, they can’t do anything about it.

I doubt it, but someone posted the link to the garrysmod.org download on their forums, so they know about it.

And they have threatened for every download of any leaked material, the game will be delayed.

Kill me.

Hey skipper, when my steam name is IM NOT HERE, do you think I’ll read your comment?

You really are immature, you constantly think that fps loss is lag and that people with high pings have a disease that gives everybody a high ping.

Also, you have stated to me that you are 12 and don’t know much about computers, which means that darkrp edits will likely be simple class changes and weapon changes.

You lie, a lot, about having a job. Reporting fake websites and threatening to report people’s websites on free.avg.com is NOT a job. It is a hobby.

If your laptop can’t handle a few props, you call it lag and you say the server is lagging up. No, that’s just your laptop not being able to handle source.

Now then, bad ownership aside, sure, the clan is alright. However, I have suggested many other gamemodes in the past that Gta here has shot down due to being unable to customise it.

You can customise most if not all of the RP gamemodes here.

If you go to this server, expect for your props to be cleaned up and you to be kicked if you try to build something in the corner.


Don’t play dumb, you were always bragging about how you could report sites to antivirus sites.

The words “RP” and “Clan” should never be in the same sentence.

I really didn’t know that person to be honest with you. Seriously.

Playing smart ass isn’t going to make anything you say better.

The name in itself is enough. Unless you’re trying to be another shitty WCA clone you offer nothing to the table. The fact that you confuse Roleplay Maps with awful Dark RP mods is just astounding. Also, seeing as the Civil Protection and Administrative positions can only be taken by admins just proves the normal player will likely never go anywhere in this community.


oh how many times I have seen stuff like this.
Here is most likey your time line from start to finish.
1 week ago you and couple of idiots get banned from a server cause you where morons so you figure “WE WILL SHOW DEM WE WILL MEAK A CLAN AND A SERVER AND IT WILL BE MOAR POPULAR THAN ANYTHING” So you made it got a bunch of stuff and slapped it together call it a server.
Then from what I have read your computer SUCKS so you can NOT do any real event or even properly regulate your server yourself so a admin goes rouge you get your ass handed to ya laddie.
Your “Clan” will just fall into what I like to call “La guerre de POWER”
Your admins would of been fed up with your BS of ruining EVERYTHING cause you remove all props IMPORTANT to a event.
your players will be pissed at the fact you have made it so anyone in your little circle jerk can walts in and fuck up there shit just cause you get a Tag like <PB&JLOLOLOL> on the end of your name.
And no one likes the idea of having to pay or have to join this and that and wait for this and that Just to be a cp.
You will wake up one day and you may find that your “Co-owner” or you where hacked and shut down the group and blamed it on you.
You will strugle to try and remake your “hard work”(I use this term lightly)
but all you will get is a big old WALLUP to the face.
You then crawl into a corner till your forgotten then after your forgotten you start a new “computer life” When you change your friends your name even your attitude then you rember the “Good days” and remake the group. People who where loyal to the group will go ballistic over the fact “SOME IDIOT JUST REMADE THE GROUP AND IT WASN’T OUR ORIGINAL LEADER!!!” and you probably just end it all but shutting it down and quitting gmod for about 10 years.

The end :smiley:


Facepalms look that`s beside the point your fricking group WILL die.

Yup, It died.
All great empires have a fall.

with the nature of the group it is bound to die my good sir so good day to you Walks out

Alright YEAH.
It did.

You’re 12, your laptop (Yes it is a laptop, he told me himself) sucks, you never have events, you don’t have a bank account or a paypal, you’re using a map from a leak of a mod, darkrp, you are playing dumbass (You know very well who I am, plus the fact you’re always like “i can report these sites to various antivirus sites i have a job”), you’re immature, you pick people to be admins who are immature, your steam name is Skipper with a picture of a penguin from a child’s movie, you can’t spell for crap, your server is laggy as christ on fire and you make fun of servers you don’t like even though you can’t diss them.

Don’t play dumbass, I know you and you know me. I’ve played with you.