Random S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat Ports

God, you know you have too much free time when you find a way to port models from a specific game that takes 10 minutes per model.
So far I’ve ported over Strelok (No animations and I don’t know how to properly rig stuff, so don’t ask me to make him into an NPC or player model! If you want the SMD to re-rig him, just PM me.) and all the detectors.
Strelok’s an absolute bitch to pose with…mainly due to a shitty physics model and crappy ragdoll settings. I ain’t good at makin’ ragdolls! He also isn’t faceposable or eye posable…But he is finger posable.
Everything has bumpmaps and phong. Woo.
I’m gonna start doing artefacts and weapons next, I think. No promises.


For some reason, Strelok looks like he speaks with the stuffy-nose type of russian accent. Doesn’t he?


Oh god, if you do a Duty member, I’ll be your friend for life.

Not gonna do any more ragdolls until I find someone who can help me out with them.
And I thought I was already your friend?

Touche, touche.

Who or what is SMD?

They look like shit in Source though…most of them use special shaders. Of course, most of these shaders could be emulated with lots of VTF and VMT mastery. But I’m too damn lazy.
I’ll get these uploaded later today…I need some fucking sleep!

Great! this is very useful.

fuck it’s so epic

Lyoko, you could get Bloocobalt to help you. He’s almost always willing to help, and he’s a master of porting for pretty much everything related to models.
also i love you

God, I hope you make a project of this. We could really use some more STALKER content. Especially ragdolls.

Forgot to upload the artefacts.
I’m gonna start doing that…It’ll take a while though, I’m on shitty internet.

Lyoko774 can you port all the monsters from pripyat as ragdolls and the ammo boxs please :smiley:

This, i would love to see the rodents and flesh ported.

the only ones i’ve seen for gmod is the bloodsuker and the controller and snork but i would love to see more ragdolls of the wilded monsters here’s a list of them

blind dogs
zombie stalker
BETA zombie

also some items would be cool too

There is a ported Pseudodog, its in a pack for the Stalker Rp gamemode.

Can you port a passenger traincar from the second location?

If I can export the map geometry sure.
And sorry I haven’t been able to upload anything…my internet hasn’t been cooperating. :\

How about weapon models? I’ve seen some ports but they all seem to have messy phys models etc.